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We've viewed your Behind the Scenes clip, seen all your beautiful images and we're wanting to book! What happens next?

Hooray, great decision! Here's how it works. Once you' ve contacted me, I'll send through a quote, client agreement and short questionnaire asking about your family, what are some things you do together, your kids quirks. The more details you give me, the more I can prepare for your session. If little Lucy loves collecting flowers, or young Cooper loves pretending to be Superman, I want to know about it. Not only does it give me insight into their personalities, but it's also a great ice breaker for kids who are shy and take longer to warm to new faces. Once you approve your quote, an invoice will be generated for your booking retainer. Session dates are not held without a paid booking retainer. We can then have a chat about the look and feel you are after for your session, discuss locations, outfits and go over any questions you may have before the session.

Where is a good place to have our session?

Your chosen location should be somewhere meaningful to you and your family. It could be your favourite Sunday dog walking reserve, the beach where he proposed, the fruit orchid you take the kids for mandarin picking, the long grassy reserve at the end of your street, the river you go fishing at, or the urban backdrop of your beautiful city. I have many fantastic location suggestions though if you do find yourselves stuck for ideas. 

For newborns and young babies, I recommend having a relaxed and natural in-home session. You can walk around barefoot in your comfy clothes, curl up in bed with your little ones, the kids can play and have a tickle with you, even the fur babies can be included. It's a fantastic way to capture the raw natural beauty in your everyday life! You can find info on our in-home sessions HERE.

What should we all wear?

For a family, try selecting 3-4 different colours which work well together and dress everyone in those tones without all looking exactly the same. I always say that comfort is key and it should reflect you. You should also steer clear of crazy bright colours, logo's or image branded clothing, or mismatched patterns (e.g. one person in spots and another in stripes). Personally, I love soft neutrals if you have more of a plain simple style, or I adore bold earthy colours together such as navy blue with plum red and mustard colours. Have some fun with your outfits and if you are unsure, you can always send me some photos of your options and I'd be happy to advise you on what works best.

What time of day is best for our session?

For outdoor sessions, it is essential that we shoot at specific times of day. The harsh midday sun can be unflattering and causes quite severe shadowing, horrible dappled light and squinty kids. I schedule each and every outdoor session for golden hour at the beginning or end of the day. This time does vary depending on which season we're shooting in, but it generally means you should expect sessions to start from 7am for a morning session, or from 3pm onwards during the cooler months, or as late as 6-7pm during daylight savings. I know the later sessions are not always ideal for kids, but honestly, they are not going to be focused on the fact that it's their bedtime... they're going to be too busy running through long grass, building sandcastles, or tearing about having races to see who can hug mum first. It's a good idea to prepare the kids, bring snacks and water, bring their favourite toys, and I promise you, the break in routine for that one day will be so worth it!

What if rain is forecast on our session date?

I shoot in all weather, EXCEPT RAIN! If it's sunny, great... if it's a little cloudy, even better... if it's raining, we reschedule! I do keep a close watch on the weather in the lead up to your session date, so we usually have a good idea of what will happen a few days prior.

What if we are sick on our session date?

If you are sick, we reschedule. Even if I have the slightest hint of a cold, we'll reschedule. It's not worth taking any risks when small children and babies are involved. There is no fee to reschedule, provided that the rescheduled session takes place within 1 month from the original date.

When can we expect to receive our photos?

You'll receive a link to your password protected online gallery within 2 weeks from your session date. There, you will be able to view your entire gallery and select the images you would like as part of your chosen package. You also have the option to purchase the entire gallery if you find it just too hard to choose. After you've made your selections, any printed options which are part of your selected package will be ordered, your hi-res and web sized image files will be prepared and everything will be posted out to you in a neat little package. The entire process can take anywhere from around 4-5 weeks for digital + print packages, or up to 8 weeks if you select the entire gallery with album option. I promise you they're worth the wait!

Do you provide us with the RAW image files?

No, you receive only full resolution edited Jpeg files. RAW files are only readable through special photo editing software and are not part of the full service photography experience I pride myself on.

Can you retouch my images to make me thinner/remove my wrinkles/change my outfit colour?

The level of professional editing invested into each and every image is done in a way to enhance what was captured and bring out the optimum colour and tone. For further high-end editing, an additional hourly rate is charged.

How far do you travel for outdoor locations?

I service all of the Sydney region, but anywhere outside of Sydney (including Central Coast/Lower Blue Mountains/Wollongong or further) will incur anadditional travel fee.

Do you offer discounts if we book more than 1 session?

I certainly do! Ask me about my Bundles options when making your booking. The ideal times to capture your baby's milestones in the first year are Maternity to capture you in all your pregnant glory, Newborn, 6-9 months when they can sit unassisted, and then as they turn the big O.N.E!

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